Job Seeker - Starting and Succeeding at Work

Starting and Succeeding at Work

Getting hired for a new job is an exciting part of life, but it may take some adjusting to ensure long term success. Working a disability in Canada may come with some additional challenges, but with the right approach, confidence and attitude, it can be a great asset to any workplace. Adjusting to a new work environment can be stressful and intimidating for anyone. It takes patience, practice and determination to fully integrate. This course is designed to help you navigate your transition into the workplace once you have been hired.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Tips for success as you prepare to begin a new job.
  • Maximizing your daily routine to have a productive and successful transition into your new workplace.
  • Communicating your value to your colleagues and teammates.
  • Becoming part of a team and learning how to absorb knowledge from your new environment. 
  • Using constructive criticism to expand your knowledge and skills in your new workplace. 
  • Disclosing your disability without compromising the value you bring to the table. 
  • Requesting accommodation in the workplace to be better equipped to fulfill the tasks of your job.
  • Effective ways to make suggestions and recommendations in your new workplace. 
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