Disability Awareness Course

Disability Awareness

Hiring with diversity as a goal helps bring new voices, ideas, and perspectives to your organization. People with disabilities have often faced challenges in a not-always-accessible world. These experiences bring about perspectives they can bring to your organization to help identify and provide services or products geared toward a more diverse audience.

Those of us living with a disability offer the kind of skills and dedication today’s employers are looking for – as well as bringing a new, broader professional and experiential perspective to the workplace and the team. By sharing our lived experience, we can help employers do things like expand product and service offerings and fuel innovation. Add to that, a diverse team is an energized team.

This 30-minute course is designed to help learners work past the old stereotypes – and see more clearly who people with disabilities really are and what they offer their workplace and community. No matter how well you already understand what people living with disabilities are capable of and the value they bring to workplaces, we do hope this course will help you (and even your team) feel even more confident about working with people with disabilities – and benefitting from our experience and focus.

This course explores themes including:

  1. What is a disability – and what does disability really mean to you?

  2. How disabilities can be defined and understood based on different models and mindsets

  3. How people with disabilities are sometimes portrayed inaccurately in contemporary media and marketing

  4. Moving past presumption and barriers, and instead, fostering an environment of awareness and inclusivity

This course is designed to keep you engaged. Designed to provoke your reflection and analysis. And designed to help you understand working with people with disabilities is a prospect to be excited about.

Course Content

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