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On this episode of Underestimated, presented by Oatley Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers and brought to you by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, the focus is on accessible work. Kristine Sargant, an Employment Consultant and FASD Lead at E3 Community Services in Collingwood, Ontario, with 25 years of experience in supporting people with disabilities, joins the discussion.

E3 Community Services, a major employer in Collingwood, offers diverse services, including employment support, supported living, childcare centers, early education, and local businesses. Kristine sheds light on the challenges faced by Canadians with disabilities in the job market, emphasizing the need for education and lifelong learning.

The episode explores E3’s employment supports, ranging from pre-employment education to networking and ongoing education for job retention. Kristine addresses the barriers individuals with disabilities encounter, such as lack of information and confidence, and highlights the role of education in building confidence and increasing opportunities.

The conversation delves into the hurdles employers face in hiring people with disabilities, citing fear of the unknown, concerns about accommodations, and uncertainty about managing positions that may not work out. Kristine counters these concerns with compelling statistics that show inclusive businesses experience up to a 33% increase in profits and a 72% boost in productivity.

Accommodations, a crucial aspect of inclusive hiring, are discussed through practical examples. Kristine shares stories of effective accommodations with zero cost, such as using task picture strips and empowering employees in the accommodation process.

In addition to the insightful discussion on Underestimated, it’s crucial to highlight the ongoing efforts of Kristine Sargant and E3 Community Services in addressing the multifaceted landscape of disability employment challenges. As an advocate for accessible employment, Kristine plays a pivotal role in promoting disability employment programs and services. E3 Community Services, a leader in the realm of disabled community services jobs, focuses on empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities and fostering workplace accessibility.

Collaborating with organizations like SCI Ontario, they contribute to a broader initiative that supports workers with disabilities and endeavors to bridge the gap between employment resources and the aspirations of those seeking meaningful employment within the disability community. Through their dedicated work, E3 exemplifies a commitment to disability employment advocacy, creating pathways for individuals to thrive in inclusive and accessible workplaces.

The episode concludes with advice for those seeking career growth, emphasizing the importance of education, seeking support, and exploring available resources. Kristine encourages individuals to visit E3 Community Services’ website for community resources and to pursue their career aspirations with determination and support.

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