Accessible Technology and a Level Playing Field

Accessible Technology and a Level Playing Field

Accessible technology has become an important feature of any modern workplace in Canada. With a pandemic surfacing in 2020, businesses had to quickly adapt many of their regular practices to make them accessible virtually while still remaining efficient. When it comes to leveling the playing field in the workforce, accessible technology is an important component to address in order to foster inclusivity and ensure that people with disabilities are able to actively participate in day-to-day tasks. This course is designed to help employers leverage accessible technology to remain competitive in today’s labour market, while attractive a diverse talent pool that includes people with disabilities.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Understand how to apply universal design principles to ensure that your products can be easily used and accessed by the most people possible, regardless of age or ability.
  • Reap the benefits of universal design by reaching a larger segment of the population that extends beyond people with disabilities.
  • Understand how accessible technology leads to productivity increase. 
  • Learn the key differences between assistive and accessible technology. 
  • Uncover the built-in accessibility features of products and tools that you are already using (Zoom, Google, Smart Phones, Tablets, etc)
  • Discover accessible technology that you may not have previously known about, such as Screen Readers, Speech to Text, Screen Magnifiers, AI-Generated Closed Captions and Voice Control. 
  • Enhance your online communications practices by becoming more accessible. 
  • Learn how to create accessible plans and policies using the Government of Ontario’s guide.

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