Positive Client Relations course

Training for Personal Support Workers

Welcome to the Positive Client Relations eLearning course. This hour-long course is delivered in two parts, which can be completed one after another or with a break in between, depending on your schedule.

Being a support worker can be very rewarding, meaningful work. However, it can often come with demanding and stressful situations.

So how can the not-so-good moments be handled best?

By further developing your skills in building rapport with people, respecting boundaries, understanding triggers, using effective communication skills and strategies, and taking care of you will all help you deal with situations more effectively. And how you interact with a client – how you respond -can make a world of difference in their day and yours.

This course is delivered in two 30-minute modules. Topics include:

  • Introduction to the key elements or principles supporting a positive relationship
  • The connection between rapport and a positive client relationship
  • The role boundaries play and the potential impact when pushed or broken
  • How underlying issues can trigger reactions and responses – both your client’s and your own
  • The value of regular self care and self regulation for staying calm under pressure
  • The importance of empathetic communication styles
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