Continence and Skin Integrity Course

Continence and Skin Integrity

As we age our skin naturally becomes more sensitive and prone to different forms of irritation and breakdown – and skin breakdown can be accelerated and aggravated by incontinence. The key to protecting skin from breakdown resulting from contact with urine and feces is understanding what kind of health conditions can cause incontinence and how, as a support provider, you can help minimize the damage incontinence can cause to a person’s skin. 

This series of modules introduces you to fundamental concepts related to the causes of incontinence, the risks and effects related to the skin, how you can help a person living with bladder or bowel incontinence care for the skin, and what kind of medical interventions or devices available to persons living with incontinence. 

These modules will also help you prepare to actively and knowledgeably participate in the Continence and Skin Integrity instructor-led training (ILT). This online component of the program is comprised of 60 minutes of elearning (4 modules), with satisfactory completion of a module quiz required for each module. The online learning and resources serve as pre-work for the in-class or virtual ILT component of the program. The ILT session provides learners with three hours of interactive instruction provided by a lead educator and a person with a lived experience.

We’d like to thank our partner, Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Canada (NSWOCC), for providing clinical subject matter expertise and train-the-trainer support for this program.

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