Catheter Storage Container Hack

If you’re looking for a clever catheter storage container hack, and tips for living with a urinary catheter, this video is for you. Today, you’ll learn how to use a regular food container to hold catheters.

How can you transport your catheters as discreetly as possible? This appears to be a common problem, but catheters are not something to be ashamed of. Many people use catheter supplies on a daily basis to treat bladder problems such as atonic bladder, urine retention, and incontinence. Of course, you might want to keep your catheter needs hidden, therefore the good news is that carrying your catheters discretely is entirely possible. It is also feasible regardless of where you are during the day – school, job, travel, church, and other social gatherings, or even at home.

Using a plastic food container is a convenient way to transport supplies throughout the day. If you have a plastic food container in your bag, no one will notice. Carry your catheters in a fanny pack if you want to be even more discrete. It’s a convenient, hands-free way to transport personal belongings. There are several fashionable, updated packs that slide around your waist like a belt yet have a sleek, classic design with multiple pockets and zippers to contain everything. You could store your catheters, phone, and wallet all in one little waist-pack and go sight-seeing on your vacation without having to carry a heavy bag with you everywhere.

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