Intermittent Catheterization Tips and Tricks | Spinal Cord Injury Ontario Virtual Peer Connections

If you ask anyone who has been using an intermittent catheter – or IC – for a while, they will probably tell you they learned a few things the hard way. Either because they didn’t know enough about self catheterization, they weren’t familiar with their own anatomy, or because of the myths and misconceptions.

In this recorded Peer Connections discussion, we share highlights of a new video series on IC for people with female genitalia, including two demos: doing an IC in a bed and and doing an IC in a public washroom. Participants ask questions and share strategies that have worked in their experience.

Demonstrations are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Please consult with your healthcare provider about what options and self-catheterization solutions are right for you.

Watch our full-length six-part video series on intermittent catheterization for people with female genitalia here.

Peer-led conversations are a vital part of SCIO’s services to the community. We offer monthly Peer Connections workshops across the province. Peers gather online to share insights and solutions to issues related to living with a spinal cord injury. Everyone is welcome to attend. Topics are identified by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario clients and rehab partners.

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