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Aging & Spinal Cord Injury

Today, we discuss spinal cord injury pressure injury prevention, and how to prevent pressure sores with SCI. Oda talks with Pamela Houghton, PhD about what to look out for and preventative measures. Dr. Pamela E. Houghton is Professor Emerita in the School of Physical Therapy at Western University, London, Canada. In 2007, she launched the Master’s of Clinical Science program in the field of wound healing (MClSc-WH).

This video content was created as part of a project funded by a grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.

As we get older, our muscles and joints may become stiff or sore. This can create more bumps and rubs of the skin with movement, leading to pressure injury. Pressure injuries can be prevented by following these three steps:

  • Keep skin clean and dry
  • Prevent pressure from being applied to bony prominences
  • Keep the skin from staying in contact with a hard surface for more than two hours at a time

Pressure injuries are a common complication in SCI patients, which can lead to serious health issues, so we will discuss the importance of pressure sore prevention for SCI patients in a wheelchair and the best ways to prevent them. The main cause of pressure injuries is prolonged sitting or standing in one position, which leads to lack of blood circulation and oxygen flow. The pressure from sitting or standing on the same spot puts increased pressure on certain parts of the body, especially if there are no cushions or pads. The most common sites for a pressure sore are in the buttocks, heels, and back where there is less padding. There are many ways that you can help prevent these sores from happening such as conducting regular skin checks on your own or with assistance, weight shifting regularly, and using specialized pressure relieving equipment.

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