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Cardio Exercise for Wheelchair Users

Today’s video is about outdoor cardio exercise for wheelchair users, and how to exercise if you use a wheelchair. Accessible activities? Yes please! Tory catches up with Diana McCauley to explore three wheelchair accessible activities in Simcoe County that help keep her heart healthy.

This video content was created as part of a project funded by a grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.

Using a wheelchair is hard on the body, so for Diana the number one motivator for physical activity is to cut down on the pain. It’s great being outside and getting into nature, so she doesn’t need a lot of a push to do exercise. It’s always been something Diana has enjoyed. As you will see, she is great at motivating herself and enjoys going out for strolls with friends. Diana’s top three outdoor wheelchair activities are getting out on her bike, because it’s good cardio, playing pickleball and just going for a walk and being surrounded by nature.

Finding ways to exercise can be difficult if you use a wheelchair, have a disability, or have limited mobility. We’ll go over a few methods in this video for doing aerobic exercises at home and in public. Any workout that raises your heart rate and engages your cardiorespiratory system is considered a cardiovascular exercise. Wheelchair users can participate in a variety of fantastic indoor and outdoor activities.

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These days, it seems like almost everyone wants to lose weight. It’s particularly difficult to manage weight gain if you use a wheelchair. Online or at your neighborhood fitness center, many of the exercises we see every day are not wheelchair accessible. Your alternatives as a person using a wheelchair may be limited if you don’t live close to a gym that has been modified, so it’s great to get outdoors whenever possible. Exercise is good for your heart and lungs, to put it simply.

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