Wheelchair Airbnb & Best Wheelchair-Accessible Vacations

Today, we’re talking about wheelchair accessible travel, wheelchair Airbnb, and the best wheelchair-accessible vacations. In this video, I explain how I found an accessible Airbnb and I share my experience staying at a wheelchair accessible yurt!

So, let’s discuss how to find an accessible rental for when you’re either vacationing or when you have time for a weekend getaway adventure. For me, personally, ever since the pandemic and the height of the lockdown orders in March, I did not leave the city and I’ve been yearning to. So as you can imagine it was a great treat and a wonderful surprise when my girlfriend had booked us a yurt in Apple Hill, which is a small town 40 minutes outside of Ottawa. An even better treat was to find out that the yurt was accessible, in that the owner had gone out of her way to make sure that there was a ramp and a platform.

So I want to show you my process and how I found this kind of accessible home and how you can use this process to have your own adventure. Keep in mind now, before I go on, that there’s many ways to go about this. It all depends on preference, needs and what exactly you want out of your time away. You can rent a cottage, you can rent a hotel, a motel, a full chalet – it’s entirely up to you. There’s websites like hotels.com or expedia.com that have accessibility filters and that are very decent. However, this is my way and this is what I find has been the most accessible. The most success I’ve had in terms of accessibility and adventure has been through Airbnb accessibility features.

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