SmartDrive MX2+ Wheelchair Power Assist Review

In this video, I review the newest version of the SmartDrive; a power-assist device for manual wheelchairs manufactured by Max Mobility.

The SmartDrive MX1 was released in 2012 and has had numerous iterations come out since; without improvements and plenty of consumer-inspired additions and fixes.

Max Mobility listens to their customers and each version has improvements made upon the last version.

This newest version, SmartDrive MX2+ has an amalgamation of various technologies that create a unique, technologically advanced, and consumer-friendly device.

I love the addition of bluetooth, gyroscopes, motion sensing, press-to-activate motor function, and much more.

however, I think the enclosed battery is a limitation to more advanced users such as myself. I wish for Max Mobility to include the option of an external battery in future versions, giving more distance for those that want it.

Additionally, the new magnetic charger is very convenient and fast. However, it would be awesome if there was more of a universal charger design that is also light so that I can carry it in my bag and top up the battery when I need it.

all-in-all, this is a wonderful device, a great addition to the SmartDrive family and the power-assist category at large.

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