Power Assist Wheelchair Attachment Add-On Review

In today’s power assist wheelchair attachment add-on review, we discuss The Companion wheelchair power assist. The Companion is a wheelchair power assist add-on device, and is the ideal solution if you don’t require or want a motorized wheelchair, but could benefit from the extra support power in certain situations. The power assist activates force through the wheels, and the motor propels the wheels. People in a wheelchair who are highly active, such as traveling around an office complex, university campus, or airport, often find themselves in need of a little extra push assistance. The Companion power assist for wheelchairs will provide the extra energy needed to get around comfortably. Most importantly, wheelchair power assist helps to maximize independence and improve the overall quality of life. People with paralysis or spinal cord injuries can enhance their range of travel and alleviate upper body pain. If you enjoyed today’s power assist wheelchair attachment add-on review, featuring The Companion wheelchair power assist, please remember to like, share, subscribe, and leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback. We hope to see you here again soon!

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