Paul’s Snorkeling Experience at Akumal Bay Mexico

Today’s video features wheelchair snorkeling, as we discuss summer activities for disabled adults and wheelchair-friendly outdoor activities. Check out our snorkeling adventures in Akumal Bay Mexico, and more wheelchair outdoor activities.

Paul sustained a spinal cord injury when he was in his 20s. This was his first snorkeling experience after the inventor of EzaQua Xperience adapted this device for him. It makes snorkeling with a disability possible and fun! People with SCI or other motor disabilities can now go snorkeling with no problem and the device can be operated easily in the water.

It can sometimes be challenging to find convenient wheelchair friendly outdoor activities and summer activities for disabled adults. With the internet and a broad access to information, it’s easier now than ever to find fun things to do that are adaptive for a wide range of special physical needs. If you are interested in wheelchair snorkeling, there are many programs, products and devices that help people with spinal cord injuries to experience the joy of swimming and exploring under water.

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