Paraplegic Stair Climbing How To Video

Today, in this paraplegic stair climbing how-to video, we review climbing stairs as a paraplegic and SCI transfer techniques. Moving in and out of a wheelchair, usually for a paraplegic or someone with a spinal cord injury, is referred to as a wheelchair transfer. For paraplegics and people with spinal cord injuries (SCI), transfers in general, but especially climbing up and down stairs can be quite challenging, to say the least. With the proper technique and some practice, a person who is paralyzed can learn to climb a flight of stairs unassisted. It’s always recommended to practice climbing stairs with assistance or a therapist before trying alone. When climbing stairs from a wheelchair, it may be necessary to use transfer aids such as a seat cushion, gait belt or sliding board. These can help make transfers both easier and safer. If you enjoyed this paraplegic stair climbing how-to video, with our climbing stairs as a paraplegic and SCI transfer techniques, please remember to like, share, subscribe, and leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback. We hope to see you here again soon!

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