Hiring People with Learning Disabilities

Today’s video is about hiring people with learning disabilities and making the workplace inclusive for employees with disabilities. In this episode of underestimated, Tory interviews Max. Max is the Founder of Liebs & Co, a company that educates organizations about disability through in-person or online seminars. The goal is for organizations to create a more empathic and inclusive workplace for all people.

As a person with a learning disability, Max has faced struggles with asking and being provided accommodation in the workplace, so he used these experiences help organizations and people with disabilities understand the rules around getting support during the interview process and once you get the job. Many people with disabilities find it difficult to obtain job for a variety of reasons and barriers. These barriers are frequently ignored, but by educating others, we can begin to take steps toward resolving the problem.

Liebs & Co educates people in the workplace about disabilities, so that everyone is given fair opportunities to be successful. They focus on educating organizations to better understand disability. Through in-person training seminars and workshops, they help businesses to create a thriving work culture, where everyone is given equal opportunity to succeed.

Despite tremendous improvements since the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was implemented, many people with disabilities still have significant difficulty finding work. Technology has the potential to play a critical role in ensuring that the future of employment is more accessible.

When Max graduated with a degree in Sports Management, he was ready to take on the corporate world. However, he quickly realized that many companies lacked the knowledge on how to accommodate people with disabilities. Many companies refused to accommodate his learning disabilities, which made it difficult to climb the corporate ladder. He realized there must be other people facing similar challenges. Max created Liebs & Co. to ensure people with disabilities are better understood and given fair opportunities in the workplace. He believes that education and empathy create a better workplace for all.

Max feels that more enterprises should step up and provide greater access to work sites and restructure more occupations to meet the capabilities of people with disabilities, as someone who assists organizations with disability inclusion. Emerging technology alone will not eliminate all of the issues that prevent people with disabilities from finding work; businesses must adopt methods to encourage a culture of inclusion for all employees. Many obstacles exist, including prejudice and a lack of social acceptance, transportation difficulties, and creating a comfortable and accessible work environment.

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