Employment & People with Cerebral Palsy

Today, we talk with Franklyn McFadden about employment and empowering employees with disabilities. In our discussion with Franklyn about employment and disability in the workforce, we learn that he has cerebral palsy which affects his left side mostly and lower legs. He uses a motorized wheelchair to facilitate the majority of his mobility.

After graduating from school, he decided it was important to become a member of the working world. After establishing that mission, he started taking critical steps to ensure that that would happen. One of those steps was seeking out employment agencies to help him facilitate his goal to join the workforce.

One of the challenges among people living with cerebral palsy who are looking for a job and trying to get employment is that, many employers are unwilling to hire them. Jobseekers having cerebral palsy have a really tough time looking for an opportunity but fortunately, there are some companies who have adopted practices and measures that help people with disabilities to find suitable jobs in the workforce.

Everyone with a disability aspires to be self-sufficient, and one of the most crucial aspects of self-sufficiency is having a job and an income.

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