Working with people with Spinal Cord Injury

Today, we talk with Jaspreet Dhaliwal from Spinal Cord Injury Ontario about working with people with spinal cord injury. If you’re interested in the subject of disability and work, this video is for you. Jaspreet Dhaliwal is a Peer Program Coordinator with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and she’s been with the organization since 2020. One of the main focuses of her job is to connect new clients with a spinal cord injury with those that have lived experience with a spinal cord injury. As someone who has had her injury for over 17 years, she is very experienced in many things related to spinal cord injury and life after an SCI, including going to school and finding employment. Jaspreet originally went to school to be a teacher and did so for about a year and a half after graduating. For several reasons, she moved on to an admin position at a neural physio clinic which was a great learning experience, and found it to be amazing to be watching them do their work and be able to interact with individuals with disabilities. She learned a lot about herself, including who she was as a person, and what she wanted in terms of work. She found the team there to be very nice and enjoyed working there, setting the standard for future jobs to be working with good people and nice teams that she would also enjoy working with. Spinal Cord Injury Ontario has existed since 1945, when the founders returned to Ontario after sustaining a spinal cord injury during WWII and refused to accept institutionalization as their fate. Our organization today embodies the attitude of bravely going forward, of living the life you choose in a fully inclusive Ontario. Every day, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario works to improve the health, mobility, and options of persons living with spinal cord injury and other disabilities across Ontario, following in the footsteps of their founders. It’s a vital profession that requires an unrelenting devotion to the person with the disability, as well as active relationships with the people and communities with whom they serve and collaborate. Peers are brought together by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s Peer Support Program to share experiences and insights from injury to recovery to rehab to accomplishing personal life objectives. The difficult road of living with a spinal cord injury is complex and surprising, with each day providing fresh ways to get stronger. If you enjoyed this video with Jaspreet Dhaliwal from Spinal Cord Injury Ontario about working with people with spinal cord injury, please remember to like, share, subscribe and leave a comment if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback. We hope to see you here again soon!

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