Beaverton Harbour Fishing

In this video, Nancy visits Beaverton Harbour for fishing and other wheelchair accessible activities. Beaverton is a wheelchair accessible spot in Ontario where you can fish, kayak or just hang out by the water. SCIO – Spinal Cord Injury Ontario is a registered Canadian charity, established to inspire organizations and individuals to learn about issues relating to living with a spinal cord injury, and to take philanthropic action to effect change.

Lake Simcoe and a portion of the Beaver River are directly accessible from Beaverton Harbour. There is also a restaurant, wheelchair assistance throughout the summer, a public park featuring a playground and a splash pad, and a wheelchair-accessible kayak launch that is available to individuals of all levels of mobility. Accessible parking is available at dock level, as well as a convenient loading and unloading area. The dock has a safety guardrail, a sloping launch/recovery ramp, and accessories to make it simple for those with mobility issues to use.

The north side of the harbour, which is on Lake Simcoe’s shore, has a small picnic area, restrooms, and parking spaces next to the water. The Beaverton Marina, which is privately owned and run, is situated on the north side. A playground area, beaches, public restrooms, and a sizable picnic area are all located on the harbour’s south side. Additionally accessible to the public are a boat launch and docks. This waterfront park, which is close to the Beaverton pier and some lovely tiny waterfront homes, has a playground and a swimming beach.

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Fishing at Beaverton Harbour in Ontario, Canada is a great outdoor activity for wheelchair users. The most frequently captured species in this area are rock bass, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch. When deciding where to fish, please use your best judgment and make sure to abide by local laws.

There is a common misconception that someone using a wheelchair can’t have fun outdoors. But in reality, there are numerous enjoyable outdoor activities that are also accessible.

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