ATV Trail Riding in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

If you’re interested in wheelchair accessible outdoor activities, this video features ATV trail riding in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. We follow Nancy’s trip where she goes sight-seeing on a dune buggy. Wheelchair accessible outdoor activities provide a great way for people with mobility impairments to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, access to these activities can be limited due to a lack of wheelchair-friendly infrastructure. To provide greater access to outdoor activities, more parks, trails and recreation facilities should prioritize wheelchair accessibility.

Wheelchair accessible outdoor activities can range from leisurely walks in the park to more strenuous activities such as riding ATV’s, hiking, cycling and rock climbing. Parks and trails should be designed with wheelchair accessibility in mind, including the installation of ramps, accessible trails, and wide paths. The use of accessible playgrounds can also provide an enjoyable way for those with mobility impairments to spend time outdoors.

In addition to wheelchair accessibility, parks and recreation facilities should also provide additional accommodations for those with mobility impairments. These can include accessible restrooms, changing rooms, and accessible parking. Other features that can make outdoor activities more enjoyable for those with mobility impairments include accessible picnic areas and seating, as well as accessible water fountains.

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In addition to providing wheelchair accessibility, parks and recreation facilities should also ensure that the activities offered are suitable for those with mobility impairments. This can include offering activities that involve minimal physical exertion, such as fishing, birdwatching, and stargazing. Additionally, staff should be trained on providing support and assistance to those with mobility impairments.

Finally, parks and recreation facilities should promote wheelchair accessible outdoor activities and make them more visible to the public. This can include providing information about accessible activities on their websites, as well as advertising them in local newspapers and on social media. Additionally, parks and recreation facilities should host events that are tailored to those with mobility impairments, such as accessible nature walks and fishing trips.

By making parks and recreation facilities more wheelchair-friendly, those with mobility impairments can have greater access to outdoor activities. This can help to promote physical activity, social connections, and improved mental and physical health. Ultimately, this can help people with mobility impairments lead fuller and more enjoyable lives.

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