You Can Drive with a Disability

In this video, Joanne talks about how you can drive with a disability, paraplegic driving after a spinal cord injury, and the freedom it has given her. Joanne tells her story of empowerment and independence as a result of learning to drive after a spinal cord injury.

Joanne loves to drive, and always has. For her, getting her license back after she had a spinal cord injury was her ticket to freedom and independence. She uses her car for work, and she’s on the road all the time, traveling all over southern Ontario, and taking tons of road trips with friends. Joanne now has the freedom to go where she wants to go, when she wants to go, and she loves it! Having a Spinal Cord Injury is not a barrier to doing the things you want to do. Did you know that driving is possible with all sorts of different types of disabilities? For those without the use of their legs, there are hand-controls, and for those without full use of their hands there are even joysticks and many different types of ways to drive.

Driving after a spinal cord injury can provide freedom, independence, and peace of mind. If you enjoyed today’s video about how you can drive with a disability, and paraplegic driving after a spinal cord injury, please remember to like, share, subscribe and comment if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback. I hope to see you here again soon!

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