Wheelchair Workout Routine

Today, I am sharing my wheelchair workout routine. This YouTube video features how to do home wheelchair exercise for your upper body. If you are a male or female paraplegic or wheelchair user, and you want to do more upper body exercise and workouts, then this video is for you.

We should all want to stay fit and healthy, but it can be tricky when always seated in a wheelchair. There are lots of creative and enjoyable ways to stay fit. Unfortunately, the perception with a lot of people is that people in wheelchairs either can’t, or don’t want to, workout and do exercise. Obviously, this isn’t true for most of us, as we can do many exercise routines, even though they may be a bit more challenging.

Upper body is especially important, as we have to use our shoulders quite a bit. There are many wheelchair exercises that can help keep our shoulders strong, such as a balloon squeeze, or using a basketball to raise, lower and twist your shoulders and upper body.

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