How to Transfer In and Out of a Bathtub

Taking a soothing bath is a treat, especially during wintertime. However, transferring from a wheelchair into a bathtub can be hard for people with disabilities. In this video, I am showing you how I transfer into this bathtub without purchasing expensive equipment. My injury level is T12, L1 and L2, incomplete. My transferring skills are not bad and my shoulders are in good condition. Please evaluate your abilities and your health condition before attempting this.

Before we start, you would need the following equipment, a bathtub rail, a simple bath bench adjusted to the same height as the edge of the bathtub and a simple stool. Park your wheelchair parallel or at a slight angle to the bench to create the smallest gap.

Transfer onto the bath bench first, and put your two legs into the bathtub first. From this point, you can directly transfer into the tub, or you can create an extra step by sitting on the stool first.

Coming out of the bathtub might be a bit more challenging as you are lifting yourself up against gravity. For safety reasons, having a personal support worker assisting you during the whole process is the best-case scenario.

Another thing to keep in mind is if your body is too soapy, it might be too slippery to sit on the edge of the bathtub. For me, the purpose of taking a bath is to improve circulation and manage pain, thus, I don’t use soap and I wear my underwear to avoid “slip and fall” and it also protects my skin from friction during transfer. Doing a skin check afterward also is very necessary.

Hope you will find this video helpful. Thanks for watching!

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