Toronto Blue Jays & Workplace Accessibility | Underestimated

The disability community continues to grow rapidly, and many people find obtaining or maintaining a job challenging. In fact, Canadians with disabilities face high rates of unemployment. Many Canadian businesses are also not equipped with the knowledge and resources to tap into this underrepresented talent pool.

On this episode of Underestimated, presented by Oatley Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers AND Brought to you by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, we’re talking about job customization. OK, Blue Jays– Nancy visits with Ali Haider and learns about what he loves about his job with the Blue Jays.

Ali Haider moved to Canada since 2019. He has a visual disability. He lost sight at a young age due to unknown reasons. Ali has completed a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Prior coming to Canada he operated his own business in packaging materials and was actively involved in sports and mountain climbing. Currently Ali works as a gate staff for Toronto Blue Jays and as a server at a restaurant. Ali loves travelling and making new acquaintances. He enjoys living life to the fullest and has an extremely positive attitude to learning new experiences.

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