How to Choose a Wheelchair | The Wheelchair Handbook – Permobil Wheelchair Buying Guide

Today, we discuss how to choose a wheelchair, and The Wheelchair Handbook: the Permobil wheelchair buying guide. In Part 2 of ‘Choosing a Wheelchair’, we speak with Brenlee Mogul Roman from Permobil as she walks through the ‘The Wheelchair Handbook’, an information guide meant to empower wheelchair users with the information needed to know what products are available on the market and what their options are.

Brenlee Mogul-Rotman is an occupational therapist and is the National Clinical & Technical Education Manager for Permobil in Canada. She is a member of the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists, College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario and a Board Member of the Canadian Spinal Research Organization.

You can find The Wheelchair Handbook here.

The Wheelchair Handbook is a guide intended to provide the consumer with essential information about the wheelchair service provision process. This guide can be used when a consumer is being evaluated for their first wheelchair, before receiving a new or replacement wheelchair, and to share with caregivers involved in these processes. The Wheelchair Handbook seeks to show the equipment solutions that Permobil manufactures and how they may benefit a variety of consumers in many ways.

When a wheelchair fits you and matches your “individual lifestyle”, your daily focus can shift to participating in what is meaningful to you. Conversely, when equipment is selected without your input, the wheelchair can become a barrier to your independence. You are the expert in the subject. Successfully matching you to your equipment, requires insight into your routines, challenges, values, and preferences. Your team can best assist you if you come prepared to explain your routines and any medical challenges. Having a clear picture of what your needs are, and understanding the process of equipment provision is essential to reaching a good outcome.

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Choosing a wheelchair can be an overwhelming process. You want to make sure the chair is comfortable and fits your needs. There are so many factors to take into consideration, it’s hard to know where to start. In order to choose a wheelchair, it is important to understand what your needs are. There are many different types of wheelchairs that suit different needs and lifestyles.

There are three main categories of wheelchairs: manual, power, and electric. Manual wheelchairs require users to push the wheels with their hands while power and electric wheelchairs use motors to help propel the chair along. Manual wheelchairs are the cheapest type of wheelchair but they do not allow for quick or long-distance travel. They can be very difficult for some people with disabilities to use as they require a lot of upper body strength. Power and electric wheelchairs can be expensive but they allow people with disabilities to go further distances without getting tired or sore muscles.

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