Paraplegic Stretching Exercises on Floor Mat

Today, I’m discussing and demonstrating paraplegic stretching exercises on my floor mat, because we know that fitness and physical activity for spinal cord injury patients is very important. During the pandemic, I’ve been unable to go to the gym, and as a result, my health has declined due to the lack of exercise. Purchasing this floor mat has really helped me with pressure relief and physical wellness. There are lots of great mat exercises for people with spinal cord injuries. Using a floor mat and doing various mat exercises are really good for spinal cord injury patients. The main reason is because there is no strain on the joints. In addition, the chance of falling is eliminated altogether. Typically, if these exercises are being done with the assistance of a physical therapist, then they will probably be using a mat table. However, if you want to do exercise and stretching on your own at home without help, then you will likely being using a floor mat. Please be sure that you have the strength to get on and off of the floor safely without help. With a spinal cord injury, lack of movement and physical activity can cause other health issues such as weight gain and poor blood circulation. If you enjoyed today’s discussion and demonstration of paraplegic stretching exercises on my floor mat, featuring fitness and physical activity for spinal cord injury patients, please remember to like, share, subscribe, and leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback. We hope to see you here again soon!

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