Paraplegic Female Wheelchair Sterilizer & Sanitizer for Coronavirus

Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Take off wheelchair gloves and disinfect them
  2. Sanitize brakes and frames
  3. Sanitize wheels, wheelies and push rims.
  4. Take off Shoes and Disinfect them
  5. Spray footrest with disinfectant
  6. Take off medical gloves.
  7. Take off jacket
  8. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds
  9. Take off mask
  10. Clean your glasses
  11. Wash face and practice other hygiene routines
  12. And take a shower if you are not going out again.

As a paraplegic female, wheelchair sterilizing and sanitizing for Coronavirus prevention is an important topic. Today, I will share how to sanitize my wheelchair and keep everything properly disinfected. Many people mistakenly think that cleaning your wheelchair is the same as disinfecting, but that’s not correct. Cleaning removes dirt and germs from most surfaces, but it doesn’t actually kill the germs. When we remove germs, we are just reducing the actual number of germs, and therefore, lowering the overall risk of catching and spreading infections. When we disinfect, sterilize and sanitize a wheelchair, however, we are killing microorganisms such as bacteria. We accomplish this by using chemicals, and essentially decreasing of the risk of catching and spreading infectious diseases. So, you have to clean and disinfect your wheelchair regularly, through a process of sanitizing and sterilizing. As I mentioned, as a paraplegic female, wheelchair cleaning, sterilizing, sanitizing and disinfecting during Covid-19 and Corona Virus is essential for safety and maintaining good health. If you enjoyed today’s video, please remember to like, share, subscribe, and leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback. I hope to see you here again soon!

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