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On this episode of Underestimated, brought to you by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and presented by Oatley Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers, the focus is on accessible work. The disability community is rapidly expanding, yet many individuals with disabilities face challenges in securing and retaining employment, resulting in high rates of unemployment for people with disabilities in Canada. This episode sheds light on Accessible Employment Services, a division of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, aiming to bridge the gap between businesses and the underrepresented talent pool within the disability community.

Reporter Nancy Xia accompanies Luigi Lisciandro, a long-time member of the spinal cord injury community and an Accessible Employment Services client, during his workday at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). Luigi, who sustained a spinal cord injury in 1994, shares his experiences working at the CNE and the role he plays in ensuring vendors comply with rules and policies.

Luigi’s story reflects the importance of initiatives like Accessible Employment Services in facilitating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. After the interruptions in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid, Luigi resumed his work at the CNE in 2022, showcasing his resilience and dedication.

The episode highlights the significance of outreach programs, as Luigi’s connection with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario opened doors to employment opportunities. Luigi’s perspective challenges stereotypes, emphasizing that people with disabilities are capable and deserving of equal opportunities in the workforce. The positive workplace environment at the CNE, as described by Luigi, further underscores the importance of inclusivity.

Job seekers are encouraged to engage with organizations like SCIO in advance, tapping into resources and employment counselors to explore suitable opportunities based on their skills and preferences. Ultimately, the episode serves as a testament to the impact of Accessible Employment Services in empowering individuals with disabilities to pursue fulfilling and meaningful work experiences.

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In alignment with the government’s commitment to inclusive practices, the Accessible Canada Act and initiatives like Accessible Employment Services play pivotal roles in fostering disability employment in Ontario, Canada. The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) serves as a notable backdrop for showcasing the tangible impact of such efforts. Luigi Lisciandro’s experience working at the CNE not only reflects the strides made in disability employment services but also exemplifies the positive influence of Employment Ontario programs.

The collaboration between SCI Ontario and employers at the CNE underscores the ongoing commitment to making jobs for people with disabilities a priority. As we delve into disability in the workplace, it becomes evident that the strides being made at the CNE are representative of broader efforts across Ontario, Canada, to create an inclusive and accessible employment landscape for individuals with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities.

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