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In this video, Oda shows us a cheap and effective way to spice up your wheelchair with colors from an LED light. Plus, there’s an added safety bonus of being more visible at night. The majority of pedestrian/vehicle collisions occur at night.

Unfortunately drivers often don’t see pedestrians. Defensive visibility strategies are a good idea for walkers and wheelers. These can include a reflective safety vest, an orange flag, or different LED lighting systems. A 2019 study conducted by University of British Columbia researchers found that, of these three lighting options, multiple LED lights were the best strategy to alert drivers to your presence, especially at night and higher speeds. You can check out the article, “Evaluating common approaches to improve visibility of wheelchair users,” here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31112…

This here is a win-win tip! Check it out!

Please note you will need to ask for help with installation if you do not have the required hand dexterity needed to do so.

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