Driving after a Spinal Cord Injury | Accessible Vehicles & Learning to Drive Again | Errol’s story

In this video, Errol discusses driving after a spinal cord injury, accessible vehicles and learning to drive again to get back the freedom and independence he had lost. Having a Spinal Cord Injury is not a barrier to doing the things you want to do. Did you know that driving is possible with all sorts of different types of disabilities? For those without the use of their legs, there are hand-controls, and for those without full use of their hands there are even joysticks and many different types of ways to drive.

Errol discusses the freedom, independence and wonderful memories he was able to make with his mother, all thanks to being able to drive again. Errol sustained a spinal cord injury in 2006. What it meant to be able to drive again is obviously that allowed him the freedom to choose what he wanted and needed to accomplish without the need to rely on other people or agencies to dictate his schedule day to day. It became a tremendous asset with respect to attending appointments, therapy, and massage sessions. Grocery shopping and social events were now at his leisure and not according to someone else’s time frame. It gave him the opportunity to arrive and leave wherever he was, according to his own needs and preferences. Driving as a disabled person or driving with a disability is now quite common, as accessible vehicles for people with spinal cord injuries are readily available.

Driving after a Spinal Cord Injury can provide freedom, independence, and peace of mind. If you enjoyed today’s video with Errol’s story about driving after a spinal cord injury, accessible vehicles and learning to drive again, please remember to like, share, subscribe and comment if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback. I hope to see you here again soon!

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