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What does self-care mean to you? It might mean joining a club or team, for a routine of regular physical activity and friendship. It could mean a daily mental health practice that helps to keep you calm and balanced, regardless of the other challenges life throws your way. It may be the support you rely on from your personal network of family, friends or trusted health care providers.

Today Oda visits a Wheelchair Tennis Program, the first of its kind in Toronto, to interview Chandrashekhar Kubyal about the many physical and mental health benefits of participating in accessible sport. Chandra is a software engineer in a multinational IT company. He has a spinal cord injury due to surgery for scoliosis when he was 10 years old. In his career of 26 years he has played many roles as a Trainer, Entrepreneur, and freelancer. Chandra dreams of travelling across the globe. He is very passionate about driving, he drives a car with hand controls for last 12 years and has travelled a lot in India.

Wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest growing adaptive sports in the world. Wheelchair tennis requires power, speed, finesse, precision, and strategy. The game is played on a standard court and follows the same rules as the stand-up game, except that players are allowed a second bounce before hitting a return. It can be played with and against stand-up players. No specialized tennis equipment is required to play, with the exception of the sport wheelchair which gives players greater mobility, balance and speed.

The Ontario Para Network’s (ONPARA) mission is to grow opportunities for participation in adaptive sports. ONPARA offers a wheelchair loans program where athletes new to wheelchair tennis can rent a sport wheelchair for a low monthly fee. They connect people with wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, or wheelchair tennis clubs, programs or coaches.

You can find a club or program in your area by searching the Ontario Para Network Wheelchair Tennis Clubs: onpara.ca/our-sports/wheelcha…

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