Life Hacks | Incontinence Wheelchair Cushion Covers

Most people with spinal cord injuries have issues with incontinence. When our cushion is soaked and doesn’t get washed in time, it tends to smell. In this video, I am showing you a life hack for making your own wheelchair cushion covers, which are easily washable and exchangeable.

This is a typical cushion cover, the fabric material is thick, usually, people have only one spare cover. These are my homemade cushion covers. They are made with worn-out T-shirts. The cotton material is soft, and much more breathable than the original one. If it gets wet, it can be easily tossed into the washing machine and replaced by a clean one. Therefore, the cushion can stay dry throughout the day.

Here is how I make it. Put your cushion on top of a worn-out T-shirt, make a mark on how much material you need, cut it across, and sew the opening close. As to the other end, you can make use of the laces from a used mask, or if your hands are not able to tight knots, you can use buttons.

Of course, for aesthetic reasons, this homemade cushion cover can’t go outdoors with you, it’s only suitable to use it when you are at home. I hope you will find this video helpful. Thanks for watching.

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