Hiring People with Disabilities

Today’s video is about empowering people with disabilities, accommodation and disclosure, and inclusive hiring practices in Canada. For anyone in human resources with an interest in hiring people with disabilities, inclusive hiring, and providing reasonable accommodations, this video is for you.

In this episode of underestimated, Tory interviews Christina Miao, a data entry operator in Toronto. She talks about her uncomfortable experiences in the past discussing accommodation and disclosure with supervisors at her previous positions. She also gives advice to HR specialists who are trying to expand their workforce in a more diverse way.

Inclusive hiring practices are a beneficial action to undertake. It is not only the responsibility of an employer to hire people with disabilities, but often that of the employers’ peers, manager, colleagues and friends. Discussing accommodations can be difficult in an interview setting but it does not mean that an employer can’t take steps to remove barriers which exclude people with disabilities.

A diverse work force reflecting the society we live in is a source of strength for Canadian businesses. Access to workplace accommodation for people with disabilities and marginalized workers as well as a clear understanding of employers’ duty to accommodate can improve work lives for people with disabilities when in the workforce.

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