Disability Accommodations at Work

Today we discuss disability accommodations at work, workplace accessibility, and accommodations for disabled employees. On this episode of Underestimated, Mithila talks to us about her experience with disability and work. She discusses some of the accommodations her company has provided for her, as well as how to ask for accommodations when you are a person with disability.

What exactly is appropriate workplace accommodation for people with disabilities? Accommodation is a fundamental and integral part of the right to equal treatment. The principle of accommodation involves three factors: dignity, individualization and inclusion. The most appropriate accommodation promotes inclusion and full participation and addresses systemic issues – it should not be a “one-off.” Accommodations can modify the terms and conditions of employment or make adjustments in the workplace. In Ontario, the right to be accommodated and duties of the employer are set out in the Ontario Human Rights Code.

What does it mean to be a “person with a disability?” Disabilities are not always apparent or permanent. The World Health Organization defines disability as a complex phenomenon, reflecting the interaction between features of a person’s body and features of the society in which he or she lives. Employers may need to provide accommodation for a new hire or a new employee following an injury, surgery, or in the case of mental health supports, a traumatic experience – or or the results of ongoing work-related stress.

People with a disability can experience many different barriers at work: physical, architectural, information, communication and social. The Ontario Human Rights Code states people with disabilities must be free from discrimination where they work, live, and receive services, and their needs must be accommodated. All Ontario laws must follow the Code. It’s important to keep in mind – eliminating barriers and providing accommodation can often benefit those living without disabilities too.

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Both the employer and the employee play a significant role in the process of providing a suitable accommodation. Because they are aware of the challenges posed by their disability, employees frequently know what modifications will work best. The employer is familiar with the organization’s systems, policies, and procedures. In some cases the employer will have access to a centralized accommodation pool.

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