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In this video, Oda shows amazing technology that allows contactless interaction with an elevator. The tech is being tested by the Toronto Transit System (TTC) at five stations (Kipling, Kennedy, Finch, Bloor and Vaughan).

Contactless elevator access has many benefits, such as being sanitary but more importantly, it allows those with physical disabilities and limited reach to be more independent.

Oda’s experience using the Contactless App was great. Here’s his perspective:

It felt futuristic to control elevator buttons through my phone. I would use this app if I had a power-assist front-attachment, like the Batec or Rehasence PAWS, because they make reaching for buttons harder. The downside to this technology is that it’s not available at all stations, and the stations where it is available, the technology excludes automatic door openers. If this technology is meant for those with limited mobility and reach, then it would only make sense to remove ALL the barriers leading up to that elevator. With that said, despite some shortcomings, this technology is great and it only provides more options for those who need it. That can only be good for the removal of all barriers.

To learn more about Contactless Elevator Access on the TTC visit…

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