Cannabis & Spinal Cord Injury | Medical Marijuana for Treatment & Recovery | SCIO Peers

In this recorded Peer Connection webinar, Julie Watson, SCIO Peer Program Coordinator, is joined by three guests: Rick, Pablo and Oda. All the guests have had a spinal cord injury for decades and they share their experiences using cannabis, navigating negative stigma, talking with your doctor and much more! Stay tuned at the end for questions from the attendees.

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis or marijuana. It’s now legal in many places, and has become very popular for treating a variety of physical ailments. Is CBD oil safe, and can it improve the treatment and recovery from spinal cord injury? Studies have shown that cannabis stimulates neuroprotective response, activating CB1 and CB2, promoting spontaneous recovery. The overall opinion towards cannabis is rapidly evolving. People with spinal cord injuries are passionate about learning more about how it can be used to treat pain.

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Peer-to-peer experiences and understanding is a vital part of SCIO’s monthly Peer Connections workshops across the province. We gather online informally, often with an expert speaker and share insights and solutions to issues related to living with a spinal cord injury. Topics and locations vary and are driven by the specific needs of people living with spinal cord injury. We hope to see you here again soon!

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